Sunday Worship

Our Sunday Worship is rooted in the English Worship Tradition.

Every Sunday at 10 o’clock in the morning we gather as a family who pray together. We worship God. We sing some great songs and we pray. We usually share Holy Communion (but no one is obligated, of course!)

We are inclusive. We are determined to make our world a better, more sustainable, and more peaceful place for us and our grandchildren.

St. George’s is a kind of second home. A place where people come with all their joys and struggles, where they know they will be cared for, encouraged, and confronted with the reality of God’s compassion for them.

At St. George’s we believe in the centrality of God’s presence and interest in our lives and so we worship God with heart and soul and mind.

You are welcome to come as often or as little as you like. There is a place for you here, at St. George’s.

One comment

  • I thoroughly appreciated the warm welcome I received today and the service was prayerful and nourishing.
    Pastor Gordon’s homily left me with a feeling of warmth and gratitude. A great start for my Holy Week.
    I am thankful that Nicole invited me to accompany her. Thanks


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